FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for PCSTP

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions
1.     What information should I provide for application?
a.      Section A: personal information
b.     Section B: applicant’s signature and date
c.      Section C: verification of information by initial of supporter, copy of academic qualifications, training courses and membership; and a CV on working history.
d.     Section D: please indicate the category and sub-category you choose
e.      Section E: signature and/or initial of the supporter
2.     Can I apply for two sub-categories or disciplines in one application?
a.      Application for examination within February to April
The first application is classified as initial application while application of the second sub-category or discipline will be defined as upgrade. Candidates certified as CTT apply for CTP is also classified as upgrade.
b.     Application for CTP via the mature route (15 years of experience of which 5 years at a managerial position)
As a matter of respect and honor, candidates with 15 years of experience of which 5 years at a managerial position can apply more than one sub-category or discipline.
3.     Can I apply both CTT and CTP at the same time under one discipline but different sub-category?
In principle yes but practically may not be feasible. Examination for all sub-categories and levels within a discipline will be conducted on the same day. 
4.     Does it mean that I can apply for the scheme on or before 30 June 2012 with all fees waived?
Candidates can apply anytime. The main difference is that application fee and professional assessment fee will be waived from now on till 30 June 2012. Candidate applying after 15 December 2011 for either CTT or CTP through examination will also be waived for the application fee. Nevertheless, they need to attend the examination scheduled at the second half of 2012 by when the examination fee as stipulated in PCSTP06 shall be applied.
5.     Will research experience during higher degree be counted also as testing experience?
Research experience will be considered and evaluated on case by case basis. It depends on the research topics and its relation to the discipline that the candidate seeks for certification.
6.     I will be qualified for applying "Certified Testing Technician" in June 2012; can I apply now and sit for the examination scheduled in February to April?
As long as you fulfill the academic and experience requirements before 30 June 2012, you can apply for examination now. The examination result is valid for 3 years. You will be formally granted as certified testing technician or professional on condition you can provide evidence of the required information.
7.     I have been working in testing discipline for over 3 years. I am now studying a degree course and will be graduated in 2012, can I apply now and sit for the examination for CTP scheduled in February to April?
The same answer as Q. 6 applies. You can apply now. In case you successfully pass the examination, you need to provide evidence of the bachelor qualification, once available. You can also apply for the interview which may be scheduled after June and the fee is also waived.
8.     As the Scheme is newly launched, how can I get the required information and can someone explain to me in detail if available?
Certification criteria, background and organization of the Scheme and information of training courses are available under “Personnel Certification” of our website www.hktic.org. Seminars for the Scheme and examination details will be scheduled during January to April 2012. You are welcome to attend.
9.     When is the next examination date or schedule for certified testing technician and professional?
Examination is planned to be organized twice a year. The next examination date is scheduled in the second half of 2012 by when fees structure as stipulated in the document PCSTP06 "Schedules of Fees" will be applied.
10. How often will the examination be held?
Examination is planned to be organized twice a year.
11. Is there any limit on the number a person attempting the examination after failure?
There is no limit on the number of attempts of examination.
12.  Do I need to indicate the 2 out of 4 sub-categories for application of CTP in “Textiles and Garments” discipline? What happen if candidate is strong at a third sub-category?
There is no sub-category for CTP under “Textiles and Garments” discipline. The requirement for a candidate to be certified as a CTP in this discipline is demonstration of knowledge in two sub-areas out of the 4 areas as defined in the Certification criteria i.e. candidate is required to answer questions of 2 sub-areas (out of 4 areas) in examination. It is highly recommended that candidates mark their choices (the 2 sub-areas) on the application form. Currently we do not offer certification for additional sub-area for CTP under “Textiles and Garments” discipline. The criteria will be reviewed regularly and revised, if necessary to suit the actual demand.
13. Is there any time schedule for conducting professional interview?
Professional interview will be started from January 2012 onwards. The interview will normally be arranged within two months upon confirmation of the application.
14. Is a Bachelor degree or higher required for mature candidate i.e. having 15 years of experience of which 5 years at a managerial position?
The academic requirement as a bachelor holder is waived for mature candidate.
15. As mentioned that re-certification shall be applied 3 years after certification and is achieved by 30 CPDUs (technician) or 60 CPDUs (professional). Any other alternative routes for re-certification other than CPDU?
CPDU is a mechanism aimed to encourage continuous professional development of testing practitioners. Achieving CPDUs is now the only route to be re-certified. Criteria for re-certification will be constantly reviewed and revised, if necessary, to reflect the actual situation.
16. Is it mandatory for an examiner to be certified as CTP?
Both examiner and CTP are voluntary. An examiner is not necessarily be a CTP.
17. Is the deadline for potential examiner application is 30 November 2011?
There is no deadline for potential examiner application.
18. Can an examiner apply for more than one category or sub-category?
Yes, examiners with versatile experience are mostly welcome and can apply more than one category or sub-category.
19. Why interview is still be needed for examiners applying for CTP?
Testing personnel, if appointed as an examiner, is demonstrated to be experienced and competent in the particular discipline(s). Interview only serves as formality for our Scheme to understand and know our applicants better.
20. Will there be any preparatory course for examination? If yes, when and where can I attend these courses?
Preparatory courses as offered by different providers will be commenced from February to late March 2012. Latest information will be posted on our website www.hktic.org.
21. Will there be any mock examination paper?
There will not be any mock examination paper.
22. How can I get more information for preparation of the examination?
Seminar addressing details of examination syllabus and related specimen examination questions will be organized for each discipline within January to March 2012.
23. When will the examination be held, during weekday or weekend?
Examination will normally be held during weekend.
24. I would like to achieve the training requirements by training courses, when and which organization will offer such courses?
List of approved training courses from different training organizations will be posted under “Training courses” on our website: www.hktic.org in January.

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25. Do I need to pay for application and/or examination fee if I fail the interview and/or examination and re-apply before 30 June2012?
 Every candidate can enjoy the benefit of waiving the application, examination and/or interview fee for once before 30 June 2012. In case you failed in previous examination and/or interview, application, examination and/or professional interview fee as stipulated in PCSTP06 will be imposed.
26. Can I re-apply for examination and/or interview right after I was notified of results of examination and/or interview?
You can re-apply for examination and/or interview 6 months after notification of result of previous examination and/or interview.
27. Will there be any examination in second half of 2012?
 The examination date in second half of 2012 is not yet finalized and the schedule will be announced and uploaded to our website www.hktic.org once the schedule is fixed.
28. Will I be notified of my strength and weakness during the professional interview and/or marks in Section A and Section B in examination?
 HKTIC follows the practice of public examination. Marks and performance of individual candidate will not be analyzed and reported. A summary report analyzing results of the examination organized on 14 April 2012 will be compiled and updated to our website on or before October 2012.
29. How can the marking scheme of interview be harmonized and are there any means to prevent inconsistency in results of interview?
Professional interview is a qualitative assessment. There is no standard marking scheme. Topics stipulated in respective Certification Handbooks will be questioned and the performance of the candidate be assessed. All professional interviewers with extensive experience in respective discipline have been trained and are well aware of the requirements. The pair interviewers system also serves as a good mechanism in prevention of bias and inconsistencies.
30. Can I get back all my submitted documents as I do not want to further my application?
All submitted documents will not be returned to candidate. All data, examination result, or information that is considered to be confidential or proprietary to the candidates will strictly be kept confidential and disposed in accordance with our internal procedures and schedules.
31. How do I print my name card?
You are entitled to use the designation in your name card as per specimen below and also see Note-1 and Note-2 on certified level and disciplines:
For Certified Testing Personnel with one discipline – SPECIMEN A
For Certified Testing Personnel with more than one discipline – SPECIMEN B
Your name
Your name
Your name
Specimen A
meaning you are a Certified Testing Technician under the discipline of Chemical Testing
Specimen B
meaning you are a Certified Testing Professional and certified in two disciplines, i.e. Chemical Testing and Toys and Hardlines Testing
Certified Level
In abbreviation
Your full certified level name
Certified Testing Technician
Certified Testing Professional

Certified Discipline
Name Card Printing
In full
In abbreviation
Certified Testing Technician
Certified Testing Professional
Chemical Testing
Construction Material Testing
Electrical Product Testing
Microbiological Testing
Textile and Garment Testing
Toys and Hardlines Testing
Environmental Testing
Food Testing
Quality Assurance
Programme Secretariat
Professional Certification Scheme for Testing Personnel
Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification Ltd.
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