Product Conformity Certification Scheme for Paint Product (PCCS-PP)


PCCS-PP is a voluntary product certification scheme that provides an easily-understood and robust way to show a paint product meets the requirements of major users in Hong Kong region.

This Scheme is a System 5 product certification scheme in accordance with ISO/IEC 17067 as set under The Administrative Regulations for stakeholders.

The objective of this Scheme is to ensure all paint products produced by Certified Paint Manufacturers are meeting the Technical Regulations of the Scheme and accredited by Certification Body as stated.

Issue 2 of the PCCS-PP has been published on 1st March 2023

The Scheme is owned by the Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification (HKTIC).  Please contact HKTIC on full version of this booklet by email :

Date: March 2023