Certification board and working committees

The Scheme managed by the Certification Board, which is responsible for the granting, reviewing and revising the personnel certification titles and requirements in accordance to the prevailing demand of the testing industries served by the scheme. The Certification Board, in turn, may appoint specialist Working Committees as it deems necessary to oversee specific parts of the Scheme.

The Certification Board will be supported by the Programme Secretariat (PS) established under HKTIC and is responsible for the daily operation of the scheme.

Members of Certification Board:


Mr. John Ho (Fugro Technical Services Limited)

Dr. Amy Keung Yim Mei (Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education)

Ms. Lillian Lam

Mr. Wallace Ho (Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd)

Ms. Joey Lau (The Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Limited)

Ms. Loretta Cheng (Independent member)

Mr. Au Yeung Chi Yuen (Independent member)

Mr. Tsim Yick Chi (Independent member)


Dr. Nelson Chan (RAM Consulting Limited)